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How To Lower Your Monthly Bills

May 11, 2016

Living frugally was not an easy thing for me to do at first, but now I think it is the best decision that I have every made. I am always trying to think of new ways to save money. So this time I decided to see if I could get my monthly bills lowered such as cable, cell phone, alarm system, and energy bill.

So, I started with my cell phone company to see if there was anyway that I could get my rate lowered or get some extra bonus minutes. This took several hours and repeat phone calls, but in the end it worked out in my favor. I told the customer service representative that I could no longer afford to pay over $65.00 a month for my service (mind you that my contract is set to expire next month) and in order to continue with the service I needed a discount because the prepaid plans are so much cheaper with the same features. After haggling back and forth and threatening to cancel my service she finally gave me a 20% discount with extra minutes. Read the rest of this entry »

Trash TV pushes the raunchiness envelope

March 1, 2016

Have you noticed how TV’s standards for nudity and general raunchiness are being relaxed in the worst sorts of ways? For instance, ads for the “Girls Gone Wild” videos show sexually explicit acts with computer-graphic “modesty” squares over the crucial spots—the promise being that your purchased copy will have the same scenes but without those annoying squares. The commercials themselves are still fairly titillating, as the tiny modesty graphics provide about as much coverage as the trampiest of bikinis.

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So what do you think is music? Is it this?

February 16, 2016

Well, technically it is, so you’re right.  However, what I want to focus on is not the notes on the page but the tunnel it creates. That seemingly infinite number of possibilities of what music can be.  The reason I’d like to keep this open “definition” of music is the minute you define what music is – is exactly when you define also what it is not.  Since art is about expression, I firmly believe that art in all it’s forms should be inclusive.  If you set limits, you may have the benefit of weeding out some weaker forms, but also you exclude what could evolve into the next great phenomenon.

In order to think about the progression of music, I thought about the oldest kind of music I could think of – Gregorian Chant. Read the rest of this entry »

Counterbalancing Chronic Stress

December 28, 2015

I have been having a rough week. My minor ankle injury has not only contributed to my already steady stream of small stress sources, but it’s taken away from my chronic stress relieving habit – physical activity.

Everyone I know falls victim to at least some degree of chronic stress. Most people don’t wake up in the morning as joyful as my puppies, bouncing around like ping pong balls, licking everything in sight, only worried about whether or not it’s time to go for their daily woods walk. Instead, we wake up and immediately start tending to our internal chore chart… pee, coffee, email, mentally preparing ourselves for our barrage of tasks at hand (I try to get my GED via online GED lessons), and physically readying ourselves for another work day via hygiene and clothing.

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WTSHTF Garden Club Review

November 9, 2015

Do you have a green thumb?  I assuredly DO NOT.  I mean I killed a cactus, a CACTUS.  How is that even possible?  My husband just shook his head as he took it out of my office to be disposed of.  Lucky for me I found a new site that gives hope to my poor black thumb.
The site is actually a book in the making; SHTF Garden by Aaron Turpen. Sections of the book are available as they are written.  SHTF Garden is fairly new with new book sections being added on a regular basis.  A monthly subscription is only $2.95 but there is also a free membership option available that allows limited access to reports and special offers.
The premise of the book is the idea of survival gardening.  It doesn’t talk about how or why you might find yourself in a survival situation.  The book is not politically or religiously slanted in any way.  The author notes “a self-sufficient garden is an inflation-proof way to keep yourself well fed no matter the economy.”  I couldn’t have said it better myself.  Another great way to save money and feed your family food that you know is healthy because you’ve grown it.

The “look”

October 21, 2015

No I’m not referring to the latest fashion trend or that look you give your children to let them know that you mean business.  It’s not that at all. I’ve gotten the look many times in many conversations with men and women alike.  I’ve tried avoiding the look.  It’s the look that I get from others when I tell them I’m a non-custodial mom. My admission immediately gets the look.  That look that says “What’s wrong with you?” It creates an atmosphere of uneasiness.
The look practically screams at  me to explain myself in detail just to preserve my character.
It’s a look that only women get because it’s expected and accepted that the father doesn’t get custody. It’s a look of judgement that isn’t deserved.

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How Keeping a Clean/Organized Home Can Actually Save You Money

October 16, 2015

How Keeping a Clean/Organized Home Can Actually Save You Money!

How many times have you stared solemnly into the sink full of dishes around dinner time while your stomach growled in anticipation? If you are like me, you have done this quite of few times and the hunger and tiredness just over took the urge to wash the dishes and make dinner. Around these times it seemed as though my stomach would scream “FAST FOOD!” and I would reluctantly give in.

This can get you into big trouble! If you give in to the temptation at least once, you are bound to make it a habit and that is not good for your health or your wallet! Having clean dishes is a great motivator to make wonderful home cooked stock pile meals! Read the rest of this entry »

How to Clean Up Your Credit Report

October 2, 2015

Your credit score determines whether or not you will be approved for a loan and greatly affects the interest rate you will pay for borrowing the money.  Your credit score also influences your insurance rates and can also affect whether or not an employer will hire you.Cleaning up what’s on your credit report will help you increase your credit score and improve your credit-worthiness. Cleaning up your credit report takes a little time and effort but it’s worth it.  The following steps will help walk you through the process.

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Deals to Disney

September 29, 2015

Park Hopper Tickets – Should you buy them?

That is not an easy question to answer.  In researching Park Hopper Tickets I found no clear cut answer.  When I took a look at forums and other websites where this question was posed the respondents were split about 50-50 on it. So instead of firmly picking a side I’m going to offer some things to think about and let you make your own decision.

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Saving Money On – Electricity Bills

September 20, 2015

This is the initial post in a new series I’m starting titled “Saving Money On”.  This week’s post will focus on reducing your electricity costs.  Reducing the amount of electricity you use is not just easier on the wallet, it’s good for the environment.  Electricity creates pollution.  Every time you flip a switch you are polluting the environment because most plants burn coal or fossil fuels in order to create electricity.  With that in mind let’s consider some ways that we can reduce our carbon footprint while reducing our monthly electricity expense.

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